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Cosmic Rebirth

Cosmic Rebirth is the the yogic system developed and employed by Yogacharya Geeta Ahya. The philosophy of the Cosmic Rebirth system is to activate each practitioner's inner light. 

With different programs in Jamnagar, Cosmic Rebirth offers intelligent yoga classes for all levels along with a variety of workshops, philosophy, Pranayama, meditation sessions and teacher training. The professional, creative and affable teachers at Cosmic Rebirth are here to offer you a high level of education in a pleasant ambiance without any pressure. 

We have been teaching yoga reiki accupressure since last 15 years. We gave trained more then 5000 students in yoga. We not only teach yoga to those who wants to learn but also give them the platform to develop their confidence to take a class.

Your Place

At home, in your hotel, in the park or even on the beach.. Get on your mat, we're there with you!

Your Time

Early morning, lunch break or just before bed...practice with your favorite teachers at the time that suits you.

Yoga for Everyone

Anyone can view our yoga and meditation poses from our website and learn at home.


Yoga is exercise which can cure many diseases, helps in losing weight, peace of mind, etc.

What Yoga can do to your life?

Different people want to practice Yoga for different purposes: physical fitness, beauty, mental concentration, peace of mind, enlightenment, wealth, sexual prowess, magical powers etc.

Yoga means 'Harmony'. Harmony with what you think you are, and what you are really. For most of us, life is a bundle of ever changing bodies, thoughts, emotions, fancies, day-dreams, goals, people, circumstances, and plenty of unnecessary mental baggage, including boredom. If you really read your own life-story, you might be surprised to find that, the only thing missing is: You.

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I have lots of stress in my life as i am working as well as house wife. I joined Divine Health Care Center and now after doing yogas i am stress less.

Manishaben Panchal - Working Women

I m regular student of Yoga classes at Divine Health Care Center, with the help of yoga i feel light and peace of mind.

Saroj Nakum - Housewife