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  1. It helps get rid of negative thoughts and concentrate on the positive ones.It helps to improve your mood.
  2. It helps your bodyto relax, as it is a good way to distress.  Pranayama is helpful for treating stress related disorders.
  3. It Improves blood circulation and lowers your blood pressure.
  4. It helps to let out useless carbon dioxide from the body through exhalation.
  5. One of the noteworthy benefits of pranayama is that, it strengthens the lungs.
  6. It improves the functioning of the brain cells, which helps with having a better memory.
  7. Pranayama possesses the power to increase your life span as;itinvolves taking lesser amount of breaths. Regular pranayama can extend life and improve ones perception of life.
  8. It helps relieving the symptoms of asthma as it strengthens the lungs.
  9. Including pranayama in your daily regimes assists in having a steady mind, strong will power, and a sound judgment.
  10. Certain pranayamas even help with weight loss.


Pranayama or the breathing exercises is extremely beneficial for the mind and soul..

it is the food for our soul...